29 Prominent Women in the Cannabis Industry in 2020

The following list features 29 Prominent Women in the Cannabis Industry in 2020, including a former executive in the fashion industry. Erin has a degree in fashion design from Yale University and is currently working on her first novel. She also advocates for equity in the cannabis industry, and has opened the first black-owned legal cannabis dispensary. Founded in 2018, she works with a team of experts to connect the fashion world with the cannabis community.

Cassandra Farrington has been recognized as one of the Top Women in Media of 2016. She saw a need for industry-wide business data, and co-founded Marijuana Business Daily with Anne Holland. She was also interested in identifying and connecting business individuals. Today, her work has earned her numerous honors, including being honored by Forbes as one of the most influential women in media in the industry.

Founder and CEO of Cannaclub University, Dr. Macias holds a Ph.D. and MBA from Southern University. She has worked with a variety of cannabis companies, including partnering with Southern University to create the nation’s first CBD brand. She has also been crowned Queen Zulu in Mardi Gras in 2020, and is the first black female entrepreneur to run a multi-state cannabis company.

Akerna: Billingsley is an actress and co-host of the popular cannabis podcast. She has worked in the industry for several years, and is a tech and data compliance expert. She also founded how long do marijuana seeds last the first publicly-traded cannabis company on the NASDAQ, and was the culture editor of High Times. Earlier, Billingsley was a writer for Rolling Stone and the Green Entrepreneur.

Melissa Miranda, a Canadian lawyer and cannabis activist, has been featured as one of the most influential women in the cannabis industry. Her goal is to empower women in the cannabis industry and help them become more successful. Donnelly also works with Cannabusiness Attorneys in Florida. She has an impressive resume as a woman in the cannabis industry. She is an advocate of gender equality and the regulated cannabis industry.

As a founder of a cannabis education company, Solonje Murray is a well-known and highly-regarded woman in the industry. Her passion for social justice and the advancement of women has led to the creation of her own cannabis brand, Humble Bloom, in California. The company has since expanded into two booze-free cannabis beverages, including CannaCanna, which is available in more than thirty states.

Mellet is one of the most prominent women in the cannabis industry. She is a co-founder of House of Saka and the Green Market Report. She also has nearly a million followers on Instagram. As a social media influencer, Mellet is an essential component of the cannabis industry. She has a thriving gummy brand, a popular podcast, and a merchandise line.

The cannabis industry is a diverse industry. The percentage of female owners is higher than the average in many other industries, and the number of female executives is higher than average. Despite the low percentage, the female population is expanding and women are increasingly prominent. In addition, there are more prominent positions in other sectors. Some people have a background in the arts or are just interested in marijuana in general. There are no rules governing the industry in the cannabis industry.

A study conducted by Leafly and the Pew Research Center shows that the number of women in cannabis industry executive positions is similar to the national average. However, the number of women in senior positions in the industry is lower than the national average. In the cannabis industry, there are more minority women than white men in senior roles. The average is 45%. For the top positions in the marijuana industry, the report has a significant effect on diversity and inclusion.

In addition to being influential in the cannabis industry, women have made a huge impact on the industry. In California, for example, the first legal cannabis dispensary was founded by Dina Browner, a woman of color who works in the cannabis industry. This is a positive development for the sector. It is a testament to the power of female leadership in the cannabis industry. Despite the many challenges faced by women in the industry, more women are stepping up and establishing themselves as an effective force in the marijuana industry.