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If you thought eating pot brownies and candy was a great way to relax, you is not seen not yet! The amazing thing you have to know about Los Angeles’ first marijuana cafe, original cannabis cafe, is that it isn’t really all that made with pot. Sure, individual, pre-boxed, properly wrapped pot edibles are for sale, but your dessert won’t be cooked with THC frosting nor will it be rolled with real marijuana. There’s a reason this cafe is one of the most talked about in town: It’s absolutely delicious.

Serving up edibles infused with 100% real cannabis, Los Angeles has put the world on notice: Not all weed is created equal. California’s golden state produces some of the finest pot buds in the country. But for all their greatness, these buds are no match when it comes to properly preparing and serving the bud. Los Angeles locals have been enjoying edible cannabis products from local bakeries for years, and now the “potty” bud has joined the party.

The food at a cannabis cafe in Los Angeles might sound like a lot of work for such a simple food. In all actuality, it’s actually quite easy. Here’s how the magic of bud really works:

When people think of cannabis food, they mostly think of bud cookies. Yes, cookie dough is definitely a must-have for any pot cook’s pantry. But there are many other delicious cannabis-inspired treats out there. Let’s start with one of the most popular creations in town: Bakery-style brownies. Rich and satisfying, but cookies are a staple diet for those who care about the healthy benefits of cannabis.

To make these cookies, coffee shops typically start with a ground coffee and sugar mixture. Once mixed, the coffee is heated until it begins to boil. Pot cookies are baked in an oven that’s usually less than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re done when a brown, crispy layer has formed on the bottom of the cookie. The result is a light brownie that’s both delicious and nutritious.
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Aside from food, there are a few other attractions for a cannabis cafe in Los Angeles. You can also enjoy live entertainment performed by a variety of local musicians. As it is easier to do drugs in a public place, the area is considered to be the perfect setting for marijuana clubs. You can also find specialized shops in the area that sell various cannabis related products, including but not limited to clothing, jewelry and more.